Go see The World.

“When a friend first asked if I wanted to visit Lebanon Island on the weekend … I thought it sounded a bit far for a day trip. Lebanon is over 3,000 nautical miles from Dubai… boasting a route plagued by Somali pirates, war-torn mess, and famine … I WAS EXCITED, but it didn’t sound like a leisurely Friday cruise – it sounded more like the sort of adventure Phileas Fogg would have if he’d 80 days to spare…”

Cloak and swagger: A trip to the mosque.

“I’m far from the sixth pillar of Islam; sadly more Haram than Halal.

There’s not even a single spiritual fibre of my being… I get the giggles during yoga sessions and vegetarian sausages make me sad.

But there’s something undeniably magical about The Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi…”