So, Tokyo - Where to begin? Don't visit Edo Palace on a Monday. We did, and it wasn't open. The Emperor is possibly strutting about the grounds naked on a Monday - or something else he wishes to keep covert and private...


Are we there yet? Mount Kinabalu.

A bug the size of my arm has just landed on my arm: Gargantuan and imposing, completely unconcerned by my shrieking, it basks in my noise. “It won’t harm you,” sighs our guide, Fabian, weary of insectophobics and their endless rain-forest miseries. How can the cardiac arrest I'm suffering not be classed as harm?! Then it’s … Continue reading Are we there yet? Mount Kinabalu.

How to see Iran without a Visa: The Burj Khalifa.

For somebody so terrified of heights? I have the strangest urge to climb mountains and sky-scrapers. Even if I do tend to lose dignity and consciousness through utter fear before I'm anywhere near the top. I've put myself through the ordeal of The CN Tower, The Empire State Building, The Willis (once Sears) Tower, The Stratosphere... but … Continue reading How to see Iran without a Visa: The Burj Khalifa.

Go see The World.

"When a friend first asked if I wanted to visit Lebanon Island on the weekend ... I thought it sounded a bit far for a day trip. Lebanon is over 3,000 nautical miles from Dubai... boasting a route plagued by Somali pirates, war-torn mess, and famine ... I WAS EXCITED, but it didn't sound like a leisurely Friday cruise - it sounded more like the sort of adventure Phileas Fogg would have if he'd 80 days to spare..."

Every day’s an adventure.

I was beginning to miss mountains... Dubai is excessively flat, in a way that makes us Welsh people feel uncomfortable and stifled:  a roadtrip to alpine Al Ain was well over-due. We planned to make it up Jabel Hafeet (one of the UAE's tallest peaks) but got side-tracked, like kittens by some shiny tinsel, when … Continue reading Every day’s an adventure.

Dubai: Things they don’t tell you.

You will feel like you're in a reality TV show. Or at least like you're a Fresher at uni again (minus the horrific mid-naughties hair-dyes and craving to stay in bed until dinner-time... but with just as much debauchery). They will throw 20+ of you together, from all corners of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, … Continue reading Dubai: Things they don’t tell you.