Every day’s an adventure.

I was beginning to miss mountains... Dubai is excessively flat, in a way that makes us Welsh people feel uncomfortable and stifled:  a roadtrip to alpine Al Ain was well over-due. We planned to make it up Jabel Hafeet (one of the UAE's tallest peaks) but got side-tracked, like kittens by some shiny tinsel, when … Continue reading Every day’s an adventure.


Dubai: Things they don’t tell you.

You will feel like you're in a reality TV show. Or at least like you're a Fresher at uni again (minus the horrific mid-naughties hair-dyes and craving to stay in bed until dinner-time... but with just as much debauchery). They will throw 20+ of you together, from all corners of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, … Continue reading Dubai: Things they don’t tell you.