Carnivore dreams: More Brunch.

You're probably sensing a trend here : I'm NOT a vegetarian. If I even attempted Vegetariainism I'd be found dead in the roadside before 10am. If it's been alive? I will eat it, and enjoy it. Hence, Gaucho was all my Christmases come at once...


Are we there yet? Mount Kinabalu.

A bug the size of my arm has just landed on my arm: Gargantuan and imposing, completely unconcerned by my shrieking, it basks in my noise. “It won’t harm you,” sighs our guide, Fabian, weary of insectophobics and their endless rain-forest miseries. How can the cardiac arrest I'm suffering not be classed as harm?! Then it’s … Continue reading Are we there yet? Mount Kinabalu.