Wonder Woman!I was beginning to miss mountains… Dubai is excessively flat, in a way that makes us Welsh people feel uncomfortable and stifled:  a roadtrip to alpine Al Ain was well over-due. We planned to Loving Life.make it up Jabel Hafeet (one of the UAE’s tallest peaks) but got side-tracked, like kittens by some shiny tinsel, when we saw a sign for Wadi Adventure land instead.

Imagine: a playpark… for adults, complete with zip-wires, wave-pools and white-water-rafting; pretty much Disneyworld for intrepid types. So you’ll understand why we lost our senses and completely forgot about our mission to climb Jabel Hafeet.

The Sky Park was my favourite. Basically? You’re given a harness and a Ahhhhh!helmet, and sent out swinging 70 feet above the floor – you can ascend a climbing wall, squeeze through tunnels or plummet down a 200m zipline. Yeah, it entails lots of hanging… but is so much more fun than the gallows!

Surf Pool.You can also surf, wake-board, kayak or have a few limbs torn off in the  3-and-a-half-metre-high waves of the pool. Endless delight! What more could you want from an afternoon?

My advice = GO! 🙂

K. oxo.

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